Do you feel overall overloaded, frustrated and stressed? Are you overwhelmed by the jungle of information about health and can't find the right way for your needs?

Or: You know in principle that you need to change some of your habits to improve your life, but starting seems impossible. Or: You've already started several times to create the conditions to feel better, but couldn't maintain the new, health-promoting habits and are tired of not achieving any improvement in the long run?

Health is not static, but a constant readjustment to your inner mental, spiritual and physical well-being after you have had to respond to challenges from the outside and get back "in balance". This is not always successful and an imbalance can develop in each of these different areas, which manifests itself in the form of discomfort.                                                             If you would like to find your way back to "Best in Balance", reach your personal health goals and maintain your well-being equilibrium on your own responsibility with methods of naturopathy, you are in the right place.                                               Responsible decisions about a suitable therapy can only be taken, if you know about the origin of your complaints and the possible alternatives to get rid of them. That is what you'll learn about here.

Profit from Holistic Health Coaching

* You perceive the needs of your own body. You know your personal weaknesses and know what to do in case of complaints. 
* Your healthier attitude to life increases your performance and attractiveness. "In Balance" you can deal with challenges in a more relaxed way. Physical, mental and spiritual fitness will improve. 
* Your positive charisma contributes significantly to a positive working atmosphere and high morale at work. In private life you are a sought-after partner. 
* Because you have taken responsibility for your health and have quickly seen that your efforts are worthwhile, you stick to your new habits. 
* Because you feel good, everything goes easier and faster. This leaves you more time to enjoy the good things in life every day. 

Even if you don't need coaching at the moment: Below you find the link to LearnHealthBlog, updated monthly, supplemented by current links and events.


To make an appointment, it is best to contact me via email at Reason: I do not answer the phone during a coaching session to avoid any interruption or distraction. During a client conversation you always have my full attention. However, I also do not pick up the phone during work that requires my concentration. I therefore ask for your understanding that the answering machine is usually switched on. What I advise my clients, I keep for myself: Only with self-determined availability you remain master of your time!  If you call my phone number 0049-(0) 8081-9158 with your name and your request, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Unknown numbers without an announcement will not be called back. Numbers that are not visible will not be called back by themselves. I will answer your e-mails as soon as possible. If I am not available for a longer period of time, you will receive an automatic message stating when I will be available again.

Your holistic health coach Cornelia

After completing a degree in design, I worked for many years in the private sector as an executive in this profession in middle management. Having managed an adult education institution myself for over ten years until I completed my part-time further training as a non-medical practitioner, and having worked as a consultant and trainer for various companies, I know the everyday professional life of decision-makers very well. I have seen for myself and for many others how exhausting professional commitment can be when one has high expectations of oneself and is fully committed. Partner, family, friends, hobbies and one's own body are neglected. It is only a question of time when the energy sources are exhausted and replenishing them becomes tedious and lengthy. The fact that one is responsible for one's own well-being and therefore can do a lot, I was allowed to experience in my training in holistic medicine, during the research for my doctoral thesis and in my work as a holistic health coach in my own practice since 2006 with my clients.

After completing my dissertation in 2017, my field of activity as an alternative practitioner has expanded to include research. My opinion is that as a coach and therapist you should not rest on current knowledge, but I feel it is my obligation to you to keep up to date and apply found new useful knowledge practically. In my work and on my website I will focus on the topics I have already dealt with practically and later also scientifically. These are

* Water research: What makes water so special for our health? What conditions does water need in order for it to have the best possible effect in our bodies? What exactly are its tasks in our body? Where is the connection between pain and drinking behavior? In the meantime, there are many new findings from basic water research that have not yet found their way into general medicine. 
* The human being as an "electric being": Everything, in addition to its material existence, has at the same time an individual "fingerprint", which is represented in the form of vibrations - frequencies. The energies of these frequencies interact with each other. I came to "energy medicine" through my training in classical acupuncture and laser acupuncture with Professor Anton Jayasuriya in Sri Lanka. Currently I am working on the influence of natural and artificial electromagnetic fields on our body: How can we avoid harmful radiation? How can electromagnetic fields be used therapeutically?

It is very important to me to keep up to date with these topics and to integrate this into my work as a therapist. If you would like to look into my own research, you will find the link below (in German).