• You tell me your health goal. This can be, for example, restful sleep, your dream figure or freedom from pain.
  • Together we explore why your current state is the way it is. Then we formulate the desired state so that it stands before you like a  picture.
  • Your desired vision is the basis for the selection of all subsequent steps. You make the choice and your decision for the individual steps after you have been informed and enlightened about possible alternatives according to the latest scientific research and know what you can practically implement in your everyday life.
  • I will accompany you with my expertise until you have reached your goal.

Even if you don't need personal coaching at the moment: In my GesundheitLernenBlog you will find monthly new information about different health topics, supplemented by current links and events.


If you want me to treat your health problem as a therapist, a first personal appointment is necessary. If you already know me, you know that I believe that it is not me as a therapist who heals, but each patient/client does it himself and is also responsible for it. I see it as my job to support you in reaching your goal. After we have met in person, this also works online, by phone, via skype or zoom!

The first coaching appointment also serves to get to know each other. Health is a matter of trust and the best results are achieved when "the chemistry is right" between you and me. During this conversation you tell about yourself. Your reasons for coming to me and what you expect from our work together. Together we clarify your goal, define a possible time frame and discuss place, time and investment for the coaching. So that we can already be concrete at the second appointment, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire from me at the first meeting, which you will fill out and return to me before our next appointment.

Personal prerequsites

First of all, your decision "I want to stay healthy" or "I want to get healthy again" is so firm that you want to invest energy and time. In order to find concrete starting points, we start with a precise analysis of your current status quo. You have the ability to know yourself what has led to your current state of health, what is good for you and your body, and what heals it. First, we work together to make you aware of this ability again and to make you more attentive and appreciative towards yourself. This makes your goal clearer: What exactly do I want to change by when, where are my individual well-being wishes. With a clear goal in mind, it is possible to set partial goals, plan concrete steps and also establish commitments, just as you would approach a professional challenge.

You are a unique unity of body, mind and soul. Therefore, your symptoms are very individual, both in terms of their origin and the possibilities of therapy. While you yourself have to spend or have already spent a lot of time, money and energy through tedious research in the jungle of therapies and therapists and trial & error, you will quickly find the really efficient ways to bring your body, your mind and your soul back into balance due to my knowledge and due to my many years of professional experience through me.

Wellbeing - a question of connectedness

You involve the people from your personal environment in your decision, who are important for you in the realization and who can support you. The measures usually consist of different fields (nutrition, exercise, relaxation, stress management, own and therapeutic treatment methods), each of which must be tailored to your goal and your everyday life. Only what you can implement regularly and consistently within your personal and professional environment will bring lasting success.


You have already taken the first steps towards your goals. Now it's time to check whether these steps are really suitable for everyday life and whether your will and stamina are strong enough to continue on your chosen path. Regular communication (in person, online, by phone, or via email) will ensure that course corrections can be made, if necessary, with regard to your goal. In the case of a "sag", the attainability of your goal will become clear to you again and factors will be uncovered that can sabotage your decision. Habits do not change from one day to the next. Therefore, be patient with yourself. In my experience, tangible successes become clear after about 12 weeks.

Success Control

The coaching ends when you have either reached your goal or you want to and can continue to work independently and sustainably towards your goal. As a coach, I have learned a lot from you in the meantime and want to know whether our joint activities have brought the success that you promised yourself. Six months after the final meeting, you will receive another questionnaire in which you will tell me whether you have been able to maintain what you have achieved. To be healthy means to experience your physical, mental and spiritual being as harmonious and full of meaning.