Updated monthly, you will find here my blog on various health topics. The blog is supplemented by references to current links and events.

LearnHealth September 2023

Children need - in order to develop properly and to learn - the experience in the real world. They have to "get in touch with things" with all their senses. As a health promoter in elementary schools since 2006 I definitely know that. After receiving a lot of feedback on the topic of "unregulated digitalization" that I talked about in my August blog (see also the link below to the new policy brief from the World Council for Health), I would like to explore it further in LearnHealth September, concerning school-aged children.

New interview from TheHighwire with Meryl Nass, expert for bio warefare expert about the who pandemic treaty. Link see below.

The World Council for Health has published a new policy brief urging the use of technology with discernment and to subject digital innovations introduced under the umbrella of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to greater scrutiny. An expert group in political science and the natural sciences has prepared an in-depth policy brief on the effects of unregulated digitalization on health and democracy. See link below.

LearnHealth August 2023

More and more people think AND feel they are addicted to using digital media. Many people don't realize that their use can affect your well-being not only physically, but also psychologically and socially. What's the best prescription against this? Meet in person, talk to eachother and have fun together in the real world!. More below in my LearnHealth August blog.

LearnHealth July 2023

Take it with you instead of taking it! In the July blog I introduce you to a first-aid kit that contains books instead of medicines. The content of these books gives you valuable tips for chemical-free and readily available remedies and measures for the typical aches and pains while traveling.See more in the document below. A dear friend just sent me the link to a book I mentioned in my blog as "not available any more". Find the link below!

World Ivermectin Day July 29th: Ivermectin is an amazing multi-tasker, helping to prevent and reduce the severity of Covid-19 infection in several different ways..This medicine saved many lives of people who were suffering from Covid-19. In cooperation with the World Council for Health (I am proud to be a part of it) there will be a special event for Ivermectin. Learn more about it in the links below.

Watch for free until August 1st the huge documentary "The end of Covid", see link below. To most of the interviews you find in addition a lot of download material backing what is discussed by the experts.

Electrosmog Policy Brief: Last fall, the World Council for Health asked Arthur Firstenberg and his co-workers to draft a Policy Brief on Electrosmog, for guidance to governments, legislators, environmental organizations, schools, and religious, political and community leaders. See the link for download below.

LearnHealth June 2023

Does it make sense to show a fassade to others? It definitely does not in a consultancy talk at a therapist. But it is also blocking healthy and happy personal relationships. Read more about in the link below.

Del Bigtree's latest film Plandemic 3: Watch for free in the link below.

LearnHealth May 2023

The media are full of information about health, and the Internet has opened up a veritable treasure trove of knowledge about it. But the abundance of information makes it difficult to find the perfect path resolving your personal health problem. In LearnHealth May "Path to health" you can find out more, how to proceed.

Important! Would you like to know what WHO is planning for all of us and what you can do against it? See more in the links below.

LearnHealth April 2023

The annual World Water Day took place on March 22nd. However, we should direct our consciousness to the water every day, because it is "the" source of life for the whole earth. In LearnHealthBlog April you will learn a lot about the topic, which you may not have known so far.

The various functions of the nanolipids in the C - shots: More about see link below.

"...your body is at war with itself." Dr. Ryan Cole explains, why this happens after the C-gene-therapy.

Watch out for these plans! More about in the following links.

Distracted by the war in the Ukraine, many are not aware of an initiative to "regulate" health issues worldwide. Read more about it.

The cosmos and our organism are connected. In nature there is always a close relationship between function and beauty. Learn more about it in the video.

LearnHealth March 2023

Do you often feel powerless and exhausted? There are various reasons for this. But there are ways to find your strength again.

Which function had the C-plandemic within a much bigger picture? Learn here more about it.

Take control over your data! Why this is very important NOW, you find explained here by Sucharit Bhakdi.

The business model of "Big Pharma": presented here by a leading MIT scientist, Stephanie Seneff.

LearnHealth February 2023

The big MWGFD- online symposium on „Gene-based „vaccines“ /COVID vaccination – the pharmaceutical crime of the century?“ took place yesterday. Worth watching!

LearnHealth January 2023

In my monthly blog I would like to start with an encouraging message for you: What you need in order to become and stay healthy is less a matter of the outside, but lies in/with yourself.

Worth watching: A documentary about Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRnA technology.

I wish you a peaceful, happy, successful and healthy New Year, which shall be accompanied by lots of sunshine, numerous heavenly moments and always assistance from above. From the bottom of my heart!

LearnHealth December 2022

As every year in December you find in my blog some personal thoughts for the end of the year. This year on the topic of gifts.

LearnHealth November 2022

Everyone needs it. Very few people have enough of it - magnesium. Our current time puts many people in a chronic permanent stress situation. Due to this situation, our body constantly consumes a lot of this valuable mineral because it has to neutralize the acids created by stress. If you provide for sufficient replenishment, this is the best prevention against various diseases, the cause of which is often sought elsewhere.

LearnHealth October 2022

Are divorced partners bad parents? If partnership conflicts cannot be resolved in the long term, physical complaints can arise not only in fathers or mothers, but the children also suffer. The "storybook family" that continues to be maintained for various reasons can actually make people sick.

LearnHealth September 2022

There is nothing that can replace a deep relationship based on true intimacy between a man and a woman. If it is disturbed or not (any longer) present in a couple, physical problems arise as a result.Those affected usually hope for solving these difficulties by visiting a gynecologist or urologist, because they attribute these problems to age or hormones. There is more on the conditions that promote true intimacy. Ba the way about the current "gender mania": There is only one male and one female version in mammals, of which we humans are one. Every human being has female and male parts. How she or he lives these parts of her or his personality up, when, and in which dimension, belongs completely to the sphere of privacy.

LearnHealth August 2022

It's summer in Germany and many people travel to countries where it's even hotter than here. A challenge for the blood circulation. Read more on what you can do to support it in the best possible way.

LearnHealth July 2022

For many, typing and wiping now take up more time and energy than personal interaction and undisturbed breaks. It's not easy to get out of this situation. But it is worth it. Read more about the reasons and possibilities.

LearnHealth June 2022

Your health is connected to your life goals. Why? Read more about it.

LearnHealth May 2022

The innate immune system is a powerful force, for example, to fight off disease-causing viruses or even to eliminate cancer cells. What can impair it? Read more about it.

LearnHealth April 2022

If you want to lose weight successfully, look at the additives contained in products. Read more on why.

LearnHealth March 2022

In the February blog, I described how chemical or physical toxins enter our bodies from outside and what measures need to be taken before a physical detoxification cure to make it successful. The LearnHealth blog this month is about mental/spiritual toxins that we produce ourselves or have others produce in us, but which also affect the body.

LearnHealth February 2022

Have you ever broken off a detox because you felt miserable? Read more about why a detox is definitely worthwhile, why it can be successful without feeling sick and what you need to consider for good preparation.

LearnHealth January 2022

Why are selfdetermination and selfconfidence so important at the moment? Read more about it!

LearnHealth December 2021

What role play your heart and feelings in your life in challenging times? Read more!

Learnhealth November 2021

What is causing pain without any organic reason? Learn more about it!

Learnhealth October 2021

Learn more about the value of friendships in challenging times.

Learnhealth September 2021

What is the health significance of wearing face masks for the mind and soul? What is the effect of covering half our face ourselves, or seeing people who do so? Read more about it.

LearnHealth August 2021

Did you know that 60-90% of all visits to the doctor are due to unregulated stress? Stress" manifests itself in various symptoms, e.g. insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression, high blood pressure and infertility. Learn about a simply method to relax.

LearnHealth July 2021

Unexplained pain, depression, burnout and exhaustion can also result from a toxic partnership. Find out more on how to recognise if and why you are in such a partnership and how you can free yourself.

LearnHealth June 2021

Do you sometimes suffer from the feeling of having missed something or not being able to have your say and thus being excluded from "communities" of all kinds because you have overlooked one or the other "important" communication? Learn about "information retention" and how you can get to the really "important" information inside of you.

LearnHealth May 2021

A survey in which 2000 persons took part showed that about half of them cannot work under optimal conditions. Two thirds complain about health problems. Are you in the same situation? Read about what you can do.

LearnHealth April 2021

"I wish I had done it differently!" Have you also sometimes found, in hindsight, that a decision led to negative consequences instead of positive ones? People make mistakes, but we need mistakes from time to time in order to learn. Even if you run a company or are a manager, you are still a human being. If you can handle your own mistakes with confidence, you will also be able to create a healthy "culture of mistakes" in your environment.

LearnHealth March 2021

Patients sometimes ask me if one of my therapies, which they have read about in the newspaper or heard about from a friend, can also help in their particular case. If I would answer: "Of course the therapy helps, but we need at least ten treatment appointments" you should leave my practice as soon as possible. My answer to your question is, "It depends."

LearnHealth February 2021

Is illness a lack of energy? If it were, you could ask yourself the questions: Where does my energy come from? What robs me of energy and what gives me energy? Is your energy level - so that your body functions properly and you feel well - also mentally and emotionally influenceable? Read more about it!

LearnHealth January 2021

Did your eyes have to endure more than ever before, especially in the last year? Online classes and a limited social life outside have at least doubled the time I spent at the computer in 2020. If you're one of those who often uses a smartphone, your eyes are under additional strain. Find here some practical advice on what you can do to preserve your vision.